How to Install Sky Go on Firestick in 5 Minutes [Updated 2021]

Sky Go on Firestick: You may use Sky Go on Firestick to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, web series, and live TV channels. However, even if the installation process is really simple, many people are unaware of it, so if you are one of them, you have come to the right place. In today’s post, I’ll show you how to quickly and effortlessly install and utilize SkyGo on your Firestick. Remember to read all of the instructions and not skip any steps; otherwise, you will fail. If you already don’t know about this app then it is the package from Sky TV.

Many TV shows, On-Demand videos, Movies, Web Series, Sports, and other types of Live TV applications are available in this app. If you haven’t already purchased their package, you won’t be able to utilize it because it doesn’t give a free trial or anything else.

sky go on firestick

Is Sky Go available on Firestick?

Many TV shows, On-Demand videos, Movies, Web Series, Sports, and other types of Live TV applications are available in this app. If you haven’t already purchased their package, you won’t be able to utilize it because it doesn’t give a free trial or anything else.

Before we get into the guide, there’s a question that a lot of people are asking on the internet: can I get Sky Go on my Firestick? Yes, you can get the Sky Go app right away on your Firestick 4K, FireTV Cube, and other devices. Although the app is not yet officially accessible, we can obtain it by sideloading it.

There are a variety of apps available on different app shops but not on the Amazon Store, just as this one. It’s because these apps aren’t yet compatible with the TV or because Amazon hasn’t reached an arrangement with them. The simple trick to getting this kind of apps that isn’t available on the Amazon Store is to sideload them.

Jailbreaking is the term for sideloading apps, which is entirely normal and does not do any harm. It’s essentially a feature that is turned off by default but may be turned on at any time. If you don’t know much about sideloading, I’ve created a comprehensive guide on Jailbreak that you should read: What is jailbreaking and how do you jailbreak a Firestick?

Installing Sky Go on a Firestick

SkyGo on Firestick can be installed in one of two ways. The first is to download it directly from the Amazon Store. In a second way, we’ll use Downloader, an app that allows you to sideload third-party apps onto your FireTV Stick. So, first, let’s look at how to get Sky Go on Firestick via direct download:

  • Launch Firestick on TV, then go to the upper menu and pick the Search or Magnifying glass icon from the Home Screen.
  • Using the virtual keyboard, type Sky Go and then press the Search button.
  • Various outcomes will display at this moment, so click Sky Go just from here.
  • Then, under the application icon, click the Get button.
  • When you click on it, the program will begin to download; once the download is complete, simply click on the Open button.

Now that SkyGo has been successfully loaded on our Firestick device, all you have to do is run it and sign in with your account. You’ll find anything you’ve subscribed to here, as well as other recommendations, so you can use your remote to play any of your material on this app.

How To Install Sky Go On Firestick 2021

If the Sky Go app is not compatible with your device, you will need to get it from a third-party source. This problem is particularly common when downloading directly from the Amazon Store, however, if the app is working well, you can skip this section.

Downloader is the tool that we use to sideload SkyGo; it is the most well-known downloading app that allows you to quickly install third-party apps. However, we must first authorize the installation of Unknown source because Amazon does not allow users to install programs downloaded through browsers by default.

If you’ve already enabled Unknown Sources, skip ahead to the downloading instructions. Those who don’t know how to enable it might use the following brief guide: On a Firestick, how do you enable apps from unknown sources? Follow the steps below after successfully enabling the installation from an Unknown Source:

  • Hover over the top menu on the FireTV Stick Home Screen and select Search.
  • Now, in that box, type Downloader and press Enter.
  • The first result with the orange icon should be selected, and then the Download option should be clicked. After a few seconds after downloading, click open to launch Downloader on your Firestick.
  • When you first run the app, you’ll be asked to grant permission to access Files, Storage, and other features; simply click the Allow option.
  • You’ll get a notification about their updates after that, so ignore it and click OK.
  • Now you’ll see a simple Home Screen with a small box with the http:// attribute; go to that box and delete the http://. After that, type into the box and press the Go button.
  • The program will connect to the server and begin downloading automatically in a matter of seconds.
  • Wait a few moments for the file to download, and then click the Install button on the installation window that appears.
  • It will take a few moments to install, after which you should click Done (but don’t open it yet).
  • You’ll see the downloading software with a pop-up window again; click the Delete button from this window. On the next screen, click Delete once more, and it will be removed from the Firestick (this is not the program; we simply destroyed its file because we no longer require it).
  • Now hit and hold the Home Screen button to bring up a new window, from which you can select Applications. Simply scroll down to find the Sky Go symbol, launch it, and that’s all there is to it.

We have now completed the installation of SkyGo using the downloader method, and you will no longer experience any incompatibility difficulties. Simply follow the steps above and ensure that you download the app using the provided URL, as I have tested it on my TV and it works. If you got it from somewhere else, I can’t ensure that it will work because I haven’t tested it.

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