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What Channel is MSNBC on Directv: DirecTV has been rated to be one of the most popular and efficient satellite TV services in the US. You can be assured of a huge number of channels in terms of robust entertainment options. One of the excellent finest TV content providers ever, the MSNBC DirecTV channel is one of the excellent options you would find rather impressive.

If you are an avid news lover who has already subscribed to one of the half dozen DIRECTV packages but don’t know which numbers you must press on your TV remote to catch up on the hottest news on MSNBC, then don’t fret. Here’s a breakdown of all DIRECTV packages along with the MSNBC channel number to save your time and make the channel hunt easier for you.

MSNBC on Directv

MSNBC channel on DirecTV – An overview

MSNBC is one of the excellent means of the best in class news based pay TV service and has been one of the most popular networks ever. Owned by the NBCUniversal Worldwide News Group, it has also been a great option for an exciting and factual new broadcast.

The channel runs the new content on its network with the coverage from the NBC News network. You can get access to a huge range of options in the news broadcast such as news reporting, expert views, and political talk shows and analysis. The channel came into the broadcasting arena in 1996 and has been one of the popular services since then.

Compare DIRECTV Packages

DIRECTV packages

Channel count

Notable channels

Best for




CNN, Nickelodeon, Fox News Network, MTV, TNT

Light Entertainment

$64.99 /mo. for 12 mo. plus taxes1



ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN News, Pop TV, Nicktoons

Most popular package

$69.99 /mo. for 12 mo. plus taxes2



CBS Sports Network, Universal Kids, FS2, Boomerang, Oxygen

Movie lovers

$84.99 /mo. for 12 mo. plus taxes3




Most options

$134.99 /mo. for 12 mo. plus taxes4

What Channel is MSNBC on DirecTV?

Now that you are an avid fan of MSNBC TV and have found how capable the service has been for the hard news, let us now check out the best options for the MSNBC DirecTV channel. DirecTV offers you five different packages and you will find MSNBC TV forming part of all those packages.

The table here should provide you access to the complete information on where to find the MSNBC channel on DirecTV.


Number of channels

MSNBC channel number

DirecTV Select 155 356
DirectTV Entertainment 160 356
DirecTV Choice 185 356
DirecTV Xtra 235 356
DirecTV Ultimate 250 356
DirecTV Premier 330 356

What can we expect from MSNBC TV on DirecTV?

Of course, MSNBC TV is one of the excellent options in the news category, but you will find that it is one of the newest entrants in the realm of the news broadcast. It is designed to bring you everything you have been looking forward to in understanding the news stories around you irrespective of whether the news is from the US or from around the world.

The channel is known for the top class reporting and high end news coverage live. Apart from living news coverage, the MSNBC channel also offers you access to a wide range of other programs as well that include documentaries, political analysis, interviews, and a variety of news shows and specials. If you are looking for news coverage in the best possible manner, MSNBC TV should be something you would find extremely interesting enough.

The Channel MSNBC TV is indeed a ground-breaking joint venture between Microsoft and NBC. The channel is available on TV as MSNBC TV and on the website as MSNBC.com. That has been a great option for both TV viewers and computer users. You can get access to a greater experience of an integrated TV and interactive news experience ever. You can also look for quality breaking news and dynamic discussion of the major events.

Coming to DirecTV has been one of the most popular satellite TV services in the US. With a massive subscriber base of 16 million users, it does provide you access to a huge channel package comprising of as many as 330 channels. One of the excellent options that further makes it a formidable option can include the availability of 4K broadcast options.

DirecTV also boasts over 65000 on-demand content. You can also get access to a GENIE HD DVR with 1 TB of storage that comes loaded with 200 HD hours of recording. And this service is available free of cost and that should be one of the prime reasons we find the MSNBC TV on DirecTV a great option by every count.

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